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Aus Green Screen

regulations concerning casas particulares
Saturday, 26 October, 2002, 6:00 a.m

I phoned yesterday to the owner of a casa particular in Bayamo. What was rumoured in august became the rule. No cubans with foreigners unless married. He could not tell me if this was for the centre of bayamo, the whole of bayamo or the province of Granma. He did know it was so in Camaguey (only the city I think) Also that it had been like that in las Tunas, but was changed again (to obligatory full regristration) And of course it has been like this in Trinidad always and in Moron for quite a while, I could add. I am sure there are some other places I do not know about as normally I only travel in the east. Bayamo gets lots of tourists who normally do not stay more than one or a few nights. It is a stop in many tours because it is a nice city and has some remarkable monuments and an important place in the fight for Cuban independence (the older variety), but there is no beach or stunning natural beauty nearby, so the number of foreigners has always been limited, but there were always girls around the Royalton, the hotel on the parque, and the casa de la trova, so i guess they concluded there was to much going on and the passing tourist got the wrong idea or something.

The situation in Guanabo earlier this month
I went for a few hours in Guanabo, to meet friends who were staying there. They hd no possibility to let any cuban inside the casa where they stayed, even for a few minutes...
Apparently it was no exception, this ban was valid for all casas in Guanabo.

The situation in Guanabo earlier this month
I've been there a few times with my novia (day trips) in the last few months. Other than a cop telling us to watch our stuff on the beach, there was no hassle from cops, even when we stopped at a friends (Cuban's) place and partied on the patio. We were invited to stay at his place (legal casa) a few times so I'm not sure how this restriction, you mention, is enforced. I didn't ask.

Die im Sommer angekündigten Änderungen nähern sich Habana


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28.10.2002 19:55
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Weiter Beiträge aus Green Screen
Warum schreiben die Forumsteilnehmer so wenig daüber?

Posted by Holguin 27.10

What is happening in Camaguey is tourist can only have one registered cuban visit them while in renting the casa. For example if you have a Cuban woman one night and she signs in on her carne that is it for you! The reason you got her in is because her signing in is an assume statement of a serious relationship existing (formal). If you want someone dfifferent the next night you will have to go rent another casa particular. THIS IS FACT NOT FICTION.
By the way two weeks ago Police in Holguin on a Saturday night went on a Whore Run. They took all the Cubans in the Pico disco and on the street and ran their names on the IMMIGRATION computers. Any Cubans registered in multiple casas with multiple tourists were ARRESTED, JAIL AND CHARGED WITH PROSTITUTION. You could shoot a gun down the streets the next night and not fear of killing a jinitera. They also had five cops on every corner of the parks pulling over EVERY CAR entering the park square and searching persons on board and yep you guessed it.....running them on the computer and if bingo it was bye bye
It is only a matter of time that when a tourist comes into the airport claim a casa particular and they run him/her on the computer. And if you come up dirty it is off to a hotel with you!
They are getting smarter and more vigilant. About time

Posted By: Wotan
So the tourist with one novia/novio will not be affected at all. The ones with the multiple encounters will have problems. I guess the Dominican Republic will see an increase in Italian tourism.

Posted By: Holguin
For your information my post is based on first hand information. I was recently in Holguin and personally witnessed the PUSSY POSSE in Centro Parque when walking with my cuban wife to get an ice cream in the evening along with the kids we brought along (receive no hassle whatsoever!?).
The informaton surrounding Camaguey is from 2 Canadian Tourist I personally spoke to after they had travelled to Camaguey from Holguin with the intention of staying two or three nights (dropping off tow Camaguey girls whom they enjoyed in Holguin) for a little fun with some girls. Camaguey also has a one room per casa rental allowance for cubans they are enforcing. They returned to Holguin after one night.
Las Tunas is enforcing the one room maximum for each casa particular. I discovered this when returning on a motorcycle from just outside of Las TUnas with my wife on back; we were both a little tired and it was starting to rain so we rented a casa in Las Tunas to catch some sleep and wait out the storm. The first casa was a beautiful one but occupied with a tourist and we were then told of the law being enforced strictly and given a referral.
As far as putting things into the immigration computer is the casa particulars responsiblity to report to the Immigration office when new tourists arrive and sign in. All information is recorded and entered into the computer at that time and the book is signed and stamped. There is a paper trail of not only the Cubans staying in casa's via with tourists via carne identidad numero, nombre, fecha de nacida but also of the tourists staying in casa's with cubans via passport number, name, d.o.b. and country. Presently it is not linked to a national cata base. They can track you or them or both if they really wanted to and I think it is only a matter of time they will have this information available at the airports regrarding tourists.
Now of course their is a work around always and that is simply the casa particular owner risks everything and does not register the cuban. Well they risk warnings, fines, suspensions and eventual revocation of their license to rent to tourists and the possiblitly in any stage of incarceration.
Most cuban sex workers have another work around wherein the have a flop casa which the tourist must pay for the use of a room and commissions are given to the sex worker, however these places are completely illegal for everyone involved and they will bring fines for the tourist, the home owner and the sex worker (expect delays and possible incarceration for everyone to it all gets straightened out). I know of one person that was caught (tourist)in this exact situation it cost him $500 US (he showed me the malta on the plane returning to Canada), the prostitute $150 USD(he paid it) and the home owner $1500 USD (he did not pay that and I do not know how that resolved itself.
Draw your own conclusions.


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28.10.2002 23:53
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Rey/Reina del Foro

Lieber Joe1

warum hier nicht geantwortet wird, mag zum einen daran liegen, daß es ziemlich nervig ist, englische Texte zu übersetzen, wenn man den Kopf voll mit Spanisch hat.

Zum anderen ist das "Green Board" nun auch nicht gerade für Seriosität in der Berichterstattung bekannt.



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29.10.2002 07:10
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Nein, es geht nicht um Antworten sondern um
die den Anderen hilfreich sein könnten.
Weil sich viel ändert und es bestehen die Unterschiede von Ort zu Ort, sollten doch die Leute beschreiben wie sie das Procedere erlebt haben.

Was Green Screen betrifft:
Mir gefallen die längeren Beiträge, die eine richtige Diskussion ermöglichen.

Ich habe ein Program zum Übersetzen aber danach brauche ich fast so viel Zeit zum Verbessern als wenn ich gleich selbst übersetzen angefangen hätte.



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30.10.2002 18:59
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Cuba59 ( gelöscht )

ein casa

Hi, the father of my cuban girlfrend Yusmila asks to me if is possible to
give visibility to his casa particular:

Calle Josè Martì no.330
entre Simòn Bolìvar y
Francisco Javier Zerquera
Trinidad, S.S. CUBA
C-P 62600
phone and fax: 0419/3350

between Viazùl pullman station and Parque Cespedes.
3 bedrooms: 2 with 2 beds and 1 shared bathroom and 1 with 1 bed
and 1 independent bathroom.
All bedrooms with conditioned air and electric fan and all bathrooms
with warm water.
Breakfast 2/3$, lunch and dinner 6/8$, bedrooms between 15 and 20$.
Parents name are Carlos and Rebecca, a very good cook,
there's the possibility of clothes washing and ironing;
regular bedroom cleaning and sheets change, the house has also a "patio"
and a living room with television, and hi-fi.
Moreover, lunchroom, car parking and watching, safe, 110/220 volts current,
refrigerator bar.
The house is quoted on Lonely Planet guide.

Cuba Infos *** Cuba Reisen
*** Cuba Fotos ***


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