Cuba's Fidel Castro skips May Day

01.05.2007 16:55
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#1 Cuba's Fidel Castro skips May Day
Rey/Reina del Foro

HAVANA, May. 1 (UPI) -- Long-time Cuban leader Fidel Castro was a no show at Tuesday's May Day parade in Havana due to the ongoing illness that prompted him to step down in July.
Leading the celebration honoring workers worldwide was Fidel's younger brother, Raul Castro, Cuba's interim leader since the elder Castro announced he was suffering from a gastro-intestinal illness, the Communist Party daily, Granma, reported.

There was much speculation as to whether Fidel would make an appearance at the event. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez -- a close ally of Castro -- said earlier this week he's heard that Fidel was planning a surprise appearance at the parade in Havana.

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