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17.06.2005 15:27
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Life In The Dominican Republic
Six Months Down ~ by Elizabeth Roebling
June 2005

It’s the end of my six-month’s trial. I have already postponed my return trip to the States once but I leave in two weeks, to tie up loose ends, see friends and family, and shop. I am delighted with my reluctance to leave. Although I told everyone that I was definitely moving here, to the Dominican Republic, I reserved in my mind the right to fail. I had left home before, like an eight-year old with my belongings wrapped in a kerchief on a stick, only to return for dinner, or rather within a year. But I know that this time, I have succeeded. I have made a life for myself here. I still hold a side bet with a good international medical policy, a sister in whose house I can seek shelter, and enough reserve for a comfortable retirement home in the twilight years. But until then, I have a life of feeling needed, contributing, encountering, learning. ....


Dem Blöden fährt bei jedem sinnvollen Wort der Schrecken in die Glieder. (Heraklit von Ephesos)


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