Glasfasernetz auf Cuba...wir heissen euch hoffen

12.08.2002 12:07
#1 Glasfasernetz auf Cuba...wir heissen euch hoffen
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HAVANA - (Xinhua via COMTEX) - Cuba is preparing to enter the world information technology market, said the Caribbean island country's top information official. Cuba will succeed if it takes part in the world information market, which is estimated at 400 billion US dollars a year, even to a minimum extent, Ignacio Gonzalez, the minister of Information and Communications, told the local media. Gonzalez said an entry into the world market is possible with a small investment, but would take time. He did not give further details of Cuba's planning in this regard. Meanwhile, the country plans to build a national fiber-optic network at a cost of 50 million US dollars by the end of this year. The network will link Havana with Santiago, the second most important Cuban city, about 900 kilometers east of the capital, and will improve the quality of TV broadcasting and communication. The minister said the Caribbean country's information sector will experience a marked development as information technology is turning into an essential worktool for all other sectors of Cuba' s economy.


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