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#1 Santeria (alter posting aus Latino Portal)
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Got something special 4 you. I never believed much in stuff like hypnosis or in Cuban santeria. Although once I noticed something very strange when I had to attend a santeria meeting. But anyhow, I always said it was BS. I\'m not religious, Joop doesn\'tbelieve in anything until....

A friend of mine showed me something that is to freaky for words. I tried it last night and it worked. I was hypnotized through the Internet. For someone like me that is incredible. So, I want to share this with you, that is, if you\'re not scared of being hypnotized for a few seconds. Remember, for a better effect you really should dimm the lights and turn down any disturbing sounds.

So what you have to do to undergo this experience is dimm the light in your room and put of any music or television you\'ve got playing and concentrate deeply. Then go to this URL and follow the instructions.

Let me know how it felt....:Hypnose

Hello my frengg
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