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-Encounters in Havana-

Photos Anders Rising, Text Maria Sandblad

“Two Swedes, the photographer Anders Rising and writer Maria Sandblad, have fallen in love with Cuba and Havana. Anders Rising already described his love in his book “Havana – The Space and the Spirit”, where Havana’s facades and interiors are portrayed. In “Habaneros – Encounters in Havana” we meet with its people, they who create Havana with their lives, with a pride, in themselves and in their city difficult to find elsewhere in the world. Captured by the discreet camera of Anders Rising, and sometimes by Maria Sandblad´s words.

People in the street, at work, or simply where they you find them. But you also get to know some of Cuba’s and Havana’s most distinguished artist: like the singer Omara Portuondo, the King of Salsa Issac Delgado, the artist Mendive, filmdirector JC Cremata, the poet Nancy Morejón, the young pianist Aldo López-Gavilán. And the minister of culture, the writer Abel Prieto, and many more. All of them part of a whole, of a dream, of a city by a turquoise sea that doesn’t leave anyone unmoved.”

“Havana. Habaneros. Hereditary elegance, brief encounters. The feeling of constantly being born anew. A meltingpot of dreams, memories and worlds – just like it´s cousin city New York – and a refugee for artists and adventurer of all times. A city by a turquoise sea, rich in culture, lived culture, reflected like nowhere else in its inhabitants, in the music, rhythms, forms and colours.

The photographer Anders Rising and writer Maria Sandblad, share a desire to capture and transmit this magical atmosphere. In their book ”Habaneros – Encounters in Havana” (Wahlström och Widstrand förlag/Fälth&Hässler), the reader meet with Habaneros of all ages through the magnificent photos by Anders Rising – from the first kiss and the waiting mothers at the clinic for risky pregnancies, to the old people at the ”Casa de los Abuelos”; crafts men, hiphoppers, lovers, the street sweeper, a police, a clown, a nun, a man of authority, the dandy that lingered behind. (...)


zur Diashow:

Das Buch ist erhältlich bei:
Anders Rising, Palmbladsvägen 4, 112 58 Stockholm
Phone: +46 (0)8-618 68 76
Cell: +46 (0)707-14 56 38

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