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Castros Autobiographie
29.10.2007 08:12

Ein Auszug aus der englischen Version jetzt im Guardian,,2201088,00.html

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I was born 81 years ago on a farm called Birán, in the former province of Oriente, not far from the Bay of Nipe on the north-east coast of Cuba. There wasn't a town, or even a village, just a few isolated houses in a landscape regularly shaken by hurricanes, cyclones, waterspouts and earthquakes. The road that passed through the settlement, the old Camino Real, was nothing more than a mud track along which people travelled on horseback or in ox carts. There were no motor vehicles. There was no electric light either. When I was little, we lit the house with candles and kerosene lamps.[...]

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#2 RE: Castros Autobiographie
29.10.2007 09:12
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I am a peasant from Biran. Imagine me arriving in Havana. I was more or less like you. I would have been in the FEEM if a FEEM existed during that time. I attended a school not far from here. It was a Jesuit school which was pretty far away from Havana. During that time, during that time [repeats] one had to catch a streetcar close to where the Tropicana is located because that school is close to the Tropicana. It was the I-4 route. It said Marianao-Central Park. This is all I knew about Havana. I [chuckles] had never been in Havana before. You can imagine how surprised I was or felt when I arrived at that terminal and started to cross the streets of Havana for the first time. I thought that the four story buildings were huge. This is how I got to the school. I believe that the next day I was feeling adventurous and rode the I-4. It said Marianao-Central Park, Marianao-Central Park [repeats] and I ended up at the Central Park. I do not know how I returned to Marianao because I rode the streetcar again and returned to the same spot. That was my first adventure.

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2. [Begin Castro recording] You have appointed me as your delegate at the congress by giving me a bicycle. If I have to ride that bicycle, I am in trouble because I have always been a poor cyclist. Imagine a peasant from Biran in Havana. The worst part is that when I came I did not know how to ride a bicycle. We did not have bicycles in Biran. I did not know [words indistinct]. It was a miracle that I was able to make it to the streetcar with that bicycle and that I was able to return to the place from where I had rented it. I do not
remember that place well. I think it was not too far from the school.

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