Kubanischer Topagent bewacht David Beckham

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By Gerard Couzens
In Madrid
Sunday Mirror
La Nueva Cuba
October 5, 2003

DAVID Beckham and his family are being guarded round the clock by a former
Cuban spy with the codename Agent Otto.

The England captain's new minder spent 15 years working for Fidel Castro.

And one of secret agent Delfin Fernandez's key tasks was to spy on wealthy
visitors to the island, including film stars Leonardo di Caprio and Jack

He also bugged the hotel rooms of foreign politicians and businessmen under
orders from Communist Cuba's number two - Fidel's brother Raul.

Beckham hand-picked Fernandez after studying his impressive CV.

The Cuban is now heading a team of up to a dozen security specialists from
his country brought in to protect David and his family.

The decision to strengthen security follows a string of bust-ups between
Beckham's English-speaking entourage and Spanish paparazzi who follow him
everywhere. Police have been called in several times to keep the peace
between the two sides.

Fernandez looks the part as a hardened minder. He wears snappy, designer
suits, sunglasses and greases his hair back. An insider said: "It seems
incredible David Beckham is being guarded by someone who was one of the most
feared men in Cuba.

"Fidel counted him as one of the few people he could depend on. David knows
that and that's why he picked him for the job.

"The fact he speaks Spanish has helped ease tensions between Beckham's
minders and the photographers who shadow him.

"But Fernandez is also the sort of man who takes no prisoners. People don't
get in his way. It might be a silly thing to say in a democracy like Spain.

"But it's enough to make people think twice about upsetting Beckham."

Six-footer Fernandez, who is in his early 40s, recorded every word and
movement of high-profile visitors to Cuba with a high-tech array of hidden
microphones and video cameras. He worked for Cuba's notorious Department 11,
set up to infiltrate hotels and travel agencies. There he acted as a spy
under the cover of his official title as Operations Manager for the Guitart
hotel chain, where guests could be open to blackmail.

Fernandez was so close to Fidel that the dictator entrusted him with finding
a pet rottweiler because of his contacts abroad. The pedigree dog - a luxury
only a few Cubans can afford - was brought into the country as a pup from

Fernandez boasted: "I took personal charge of the paperwork, from the health
permits to the customs documents. The puppy cost at least five thousand

Speaking of his former work in Cuba he added: "Most people have no idea they
are being watched while they are in the country.

"Their professional and personal activities are filmed under orders from the
Interior Ministry."

Beckham's new minder has been living in Spain since fleeing Cuba four years
ago. He revealed his secret past soon after leaving his life of luxury in
Cuba's capital Havana. Cuban officials reacted by arresting and
interrogating his 28-year-old ex-wife Ana Amador - but released her after a
few hours.

The insider said: "David has led a colourful life. But Delfin's has been
even more colourful than the man he's protecting. He's not only met some of
the most powerful men in the world, he's also spied on them and been witness
to some of their most innermost secrets.

"I'm sure he and David could swap some interesting stories over a few beers.
David is in good hands with this man."

He added: "Someone who worked for Castro, and then defied him by fleeing the
country, is not the sort of man you want to be messing with."



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